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First Steps
 Autor: Otniel Luca  Categorie: Cărți de Evanghelizare  Format: Carte electronică  Limbă: engleză

My dear friend,
This handbook is the result of over thirty years of evangelism and it uses this form of teachings to help preach the Gospel. I experienced all these teachings, I served thousands of people with different levels of education and with all kinds of religious backgrounds, including atheists. All these given, the teaching team and I decided to conceive this handbook, which will hopefully have a tremendous impact on your life! All this time, we made continuous improvements and made adjustments to the teachings, for each generation or cultural group, as Apostle Paul said: “to the Jews I became like a Jew, to win the Jew and to the Greeks I became like a Greek to win the Greek for Christ’, therefore, my dear friend, whether or not you are an evangelist, I provide you with this handbook as a tool in the hand of the worker.

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